A daily discipline: universal devotions that transcend belief (or unbelief)
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About the Daily Centerings

I have always found the practice of regular devotions to be one of the most attractive things in traditional religions. The monastic offices of the Christian, the five daily prayer times of the Muslim, the pujas of the Hindu, the meditation of the Buddhist--incense, bells, candles, chant, in a round that connects the practitioner to others and to "something beyond."

But many of us lack such a connection. We are not part of a faith community. In fact, some of us are not even so sure about "faith," or about what to have faith in.

The Daily Centerings are an effort to create a daily round of "devotions" that transcends sectarian differences, and even goes beyond the "believer/unbeliever" divide.

People who decide to practice--whether once a day, or four times (upon rising; midday; near sundown; and at bedtime)--will be joining a small but growing community of practitioners.

We all know what "orthodoxy" means, but have you ever heard of "orthopraxy"? This places the emphasis, not on what is believed, but on what is done.

You are invited to adapt the basic practices presented here to your own beliefs. For that reason, some may find the Centerings a bit "dry" or devoid of "spirit." This was done purposely to accommodate the greatest number of users.

Look for the Daily Centerings to be posted sometime in late July. Each time of day will include a reading that can be used to augment the devotional practice.

Everything on these pages is © 2009 by James Baquet.

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